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I’m a Full-Service Mobile Developer and Digital Design Professional

I like the detailed explanation in the DDP education of the interaction between design and other activities in the development process.

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I’m an AR Lead Designer and Digital Design Professional

I like the consistency of the DDP education, from initial idea through to implementation.

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I’m a Startup Coach and Digital Design Professional

I like the 10 principles of good Digital Design, especially the principle of sustainability.

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I’m a Chief Digital Officer and Digital Design Professional

I like the philosophy of collaboration. Digital solutions are often so complex and the right people have to be involved in the team.

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A new profession that responds to the demands of digitalization


Our vision is a world that uses digitalization and digital transformation in a sustainable and value-creating way.

In order to tap the full potential for innovative digital solutions - and to identify new business models - there is a need for professionals capable of taking a holistic view: thinking business, humans and technology together and understanding the digital as a shapeable material.


Our mission is to offer practice-oriented educational concepts that provide the mindset and tools for the successful development of digital solutions.

Our approach is relevant wherever people create digital solutions. We believe that instead of just having knowledge of the various digital disciplines, it is crucial to become a crafter in these disciplines: to understand the relationships among them and to consider the whole process of building a digital solution.


The Digital Design Professional (DDP)

The Digital Design Professional certification scheme is the starting point for a new profession that responds to the demands of digitalization. It closes the gap between the increasingly demanding design challenges of digitalization and the necessary technical expertise in design.


Digitalization: today's challenge

Digitalization is a part of everyday life today. It is changing our world fundamentally. Professionals involved in digitalization notice that their projects become more extensive and more complex. In addition, the weight of expectations for innovative digital solutions is increasing.

DDP - the matching certification scheme

The Digital Design Professional certification scheme has been developed to meet these expectations. The contents of the education pursue a radically new approach to digital solutions: Digital should be understood as material - digital material. This approach of understanding digital as material, together with the acquisition of design and cross-cutting competences, provides a holistic view on digitalization and no longer leaves innovative digital solutions to pure coincidence.

The DDP's capabilities

A certified Digital Design Professional has gained a profound knowledge to explore what could be done, create visions and finally shape the form, function and quality of the digital solution.

A certified Digital Design Professional has gained a profound knowledge to take responsibility for the design of a digital solution. They can lead the building process in digitalization projects. Companies will be enabled to build innovative technical solutions and to implement pioneering digital business models.


Starting point of the DDP education concept is the DDP Foundation Level (FL). It provides a broad overview of a Digital Design Professional’s competence spectrum. The Foundation Level is designed as a three-day training course; it covers the essential basics of Digital Design and focuses on selected methods and techniques.

  • Orientation

    How to design innovative digital solutions.

  • Preparation

    How to do build up your knowledge about Digital Design.

  • Examination

    How to get certified with our accredited certification bodies.

  • Crafting

    How to stay up-to-date as a crafting certified DDP.


The competences for a Digital Design Professional are divided into three mayor areas: Design Competences, Digital Competences, Cross-Cutting Competences. These are complemented by the Building Process which provides a guideline how these competences can be used and organized adequately.

Design Competences

Introduction to conceptual work with hands-on documentation techniques and templates

Digital Competences

Introduction to technology-oriented knowledge areas and technological capabilities to understand digital as material

Cross-Cutting Competences

Introduction of cross-cutting competences to anticipate various usage scenarios (people and business models) for innovative solutions

Building Process

Introduction to guidelines for a complete building process of a digital solution from scoping to operations

Training & Certification

Training courses are offered by recognized training providers and are the most efficient way to get prepared for the examination. As required by ISO/IEC 17024:2012, examinations are under the sole responsibility of licensed certification bodies.

News & Events

Ten Principles

10 Principles of good Digital Design: follow our DDP Group @LinkedIn


Ten Principles


In our series of 10 essays on "Good Digital Design", we present the ten key principles for good Digital Design and show how a DDP can benefit from each principle at hand. The complete series can be found at LinkedIn.

event 2023-03-23
European BA-Day 2023

The 4th BA-Day will take place again this year in Eschborn/Frankfurt am Main.

event 2023-03-23

European BA-Day 2023

Location: Mercure Hotel Frankfurt Eschborn Helfmann Park

The following tracks will be offered under the motto "Sustainability in Disruptive Digitalization ":

Track (1): Disruptive digital Services
Track (2): Analogue Mindfulness in a Digital World
Track (3): Disruptive vs. Sustainable Communication

There will be a panel discussion on the subject “The Digital Design Professional – Towards sustainable Digital Systems“. Norbert Seyff (FH Nordwestschweiz) will discuss the followig questions:

  • What is the Digital Design Professional (DDP) and why sustainability at its core?
  • What means sustainability and sustainable development in the context of digital systems?
  • How to raise awareness of sustainability and identify potential sustainability effects of digital systems?
  • What could be next steps to make sustainability a key aspect of the digital systems design in industry?

There is also the possibility to join this event online.

event 2023-04-20
IREB Unconference 2023

REquired skills to shape digital products

event 2023-04-20

IREB Unconference 2023

Time: 09:00:00 - 17:00:00 CEST

Location: Karl der Grosse / Kirchgasse 14, 8001 Zurich - Switzerland

The Unconference will focus on identifying and discussing smart ways of collaboration when it comes to the design of digital solution. As usual, there is no predefined agenda – the topics will be set by the participants.

This time the keynote will be held by Prof. Dr. Gunter Dueck!

Don’t miss his inspiring presentation and the opportunity for intensive discussions with participants from the most diverse areas.
We are looking forward to seeing you the Unconference 2023!

Conference language is German

news 2023-10-01
DDPv2 now available

As of 01.10.2023 the new Digital Design Professional (DDP v2) is officially available!

news 2023-10-01

DDPv2 now available

With the DDP v2 we are happy to set a new milestone for the education to become a Digital Design Professional.
The new syllabus for the DDP v2 will be officially available for download on 10/01/2023. With the DDP v2 the following new documents are available for download

  • Syllabus
  • Glossary
  • Examination regulations
  • Handbook (until end of 2023)
  • Practice Exam (until end of 2023)

Craft with Digital Material

Let's start your training!

Be inspired, learn to design digital solutions, become a Digital Designer and shape the digital future!

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Be inspired

Curious to know what Digital Design is all about? Browse through our website and let the DDP certification scheme convince you of the added value it provides when working in the field of digitalization. Become an early adopter of the new Digital Design profession.

Learn to design digital solutions

As a non-profit organization, we provide the learning material for the DDP education for free download. You can prepare via a training course at a training provider or via self-study and learn how to successfully merge digital and analog in your digitalization projects.

Become a digital designer

Why not finish the DDP education with a certificate? Once you have learned the DDP contents, the exam is the logical way to follow up. The DDP certificate is the proof of your competence in Digital Design.

Shape the digital future

As certified Digital Design Professional you are capable of interweaving business, technology, and design to create valuable and innovative digital solutions.