The process of getting a digital design professional


The DDP Foundation Level syllabus provides a broad overview of a Digital Design Professional’s competence spectrum. The syllabus is designed as a three-day training course; it covers the essential aspects of Digital Design and focuses on selected methods and techniques. More details can be found in the concept part of this website.

The Digital Design Professional on Foundation Level is aimed at both: existing roles in software engineering – such as Requirements Engineers, Business Analysts, UX Experts, Product Owners – as well as people coming from other fields – like product design, innovation management or product marketing.

The Digital Design Professional has no formal prerequisites. It focuses people who want to expand their competences in the direction of Digital Design, helping them to take end-to-end responsibility for a digital solution.


The bases for the exam preparation are syllabus, handbook, and a case study. These documents provide a detailed motivation for Digital Design, the essential knowledge, and an overview of the Digital Design Professional’s competence spectrum. The documents are available for free download on the syllabus part of this website.

The DDP certification scheme provides maximum flexibility regarding the preparation: online training, self-study or classroom training course are all possible. The latter is recommended, however, as exercises, discussion and the exchange of ideas with other participants of the training course are extremely valuable. Check out the list of associated training providers.

A practice examination simulates an actual DDP Foundation Level exam and is an ideal way to assess your knowledge.


To become a certified Digital Design Professional, you have to pass an examination. The examination is conducted and supervised as a 60-minute multiple-choice test by a certification body. The awarded certificate has unlimited validity and will be issued to you by the certification body.
The examination is typically organized by the training providers, directly after the training course. If you want to take the examination at a later point in time, or if you prepared via self-study , you must contact the certification body yourself regarding the exam. Contact information for certification bodies can be found on this website.

As per standard ISO/IEC 17024:2012, IREB is involved neither in the delivery of training courses nor in the certification process itself.
The pricing for the certification is fixed by each certification body individually and may differ between countries. The certification bodies can provide precise exam costs.


You are a certified Digital Design Professional and can now apply your acquired knowledge and skills to create innovative digital solutions. To keep you up to date about the development of Digital Design we offer regular webinars, continuously improve and complete the DDP materials and inform you about upcoming events, useful literature and more.
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As a non-profit organization, we provide the learning material for the DDP education for free download. You can prepare via a training course at a training provider or via self-study and learn how to successfully merge digital and analog in your digitalization projects.

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Why not finish the DDP education with a certificate? Once you have learned the DDP contents, the exam is the logical way to follow up. The DDP certificate is the proof of your competence in Digital Design.

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