Pragmatic and practical help for business analysts and Requirements Engineers since more than 40 years.

Dr. Peter Hruschka is founder of the German network of agile developers (www.b-agile.de), principal of the Atlantic Systems Guild, an internationally renowned group of software technology experts (www.systemsguild.com), and founder and maintainer of the requirements portal www.req42.de and the architecture portal www.arc42.de.

„We can find a solution for every problem – if we can agree on what the problem is.“

Identifying problems, communicating and documenting in a stakeholder-oriented manner, as well as finding adequate solutions is the focal point of Peter Hruschka’s work. With his worldwide seminars, coaching assignments, books, papers and presentations he has helped a large number of organizations to optimize sustainably their products and processes and to develop creative new solutions.

As a founding member of IREB and iSAQB he is helping these associations to improve the culture of requirements engineering and software architecture.

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