Method Park

Method Park is specialist for innovative software and systems engineering in the safety-critical environments of the medical and automotive industries.

Method Park’s portfolio includes consulting and engineering services, a comprehensive training program and the process management tool “Stages”.

Method Park was founded in 2001. On a Worldwide basis, the company has coached its customers on process optimization, compliance to industry-specific standards and legal regulations. It has also consulted on the management of projects, products and quality assurance. Method Park supports its customers in specific development projects and attaches great importance to know-how sourcing and knowledge transfer – particularly for the application of new methods and tools.

Method Park offers a practice-based training program on all current topics of software and systems engineering: process and project management, Agility, requirements engineering and architecture, safety-relevant development, test and quality assurance. This training program is continuously reviewed and updated. For 2018, several courses on all aspects of the Scaled Agile Framework 4.5 (SAFe®) were added and new training methods such as hands-on workshops were integrated. Method Park offers training at its locations in Germany and other European countries, the US and Asia.

With “Stages”, Method Park offers an individually customizable process management tool which supports its users on the definition, communication and application of complex processes.

The company group has locations in Erlangen, Frankfurt on the Main, Hannover, Munich and Stuttgart as well as in Detroit, Miami and Pittsburgh in the US. With around 170 employees, Method Park generated an operative turnover of about 16 million euros in 2017.

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