Centigrade GmbH

Centigrade is one of the leading UX & gamification agencies in Germany. Centigrade supports small startups as well as large international enterprises in strategically integrating user experience & gamification design and engineering as a business success factor.

Thanks to its creative team of user researchers, designers, strategists, trainers and software engineers, Centigrade can offer a full-service UX portfolio including user requirements engineering, screen & icon design as well as frontend development in Angular & React and respective UX academy trainings.

In the last 16 years, Centigrade has successfully worked in thousands of software projects, co-creating digital products that are intuitively usable, visually attractive yet technically elegant. Projects cover financing-, insurances-, e-learning-, industrial- and medical- applications.

Centigrade embraces active transfer of innovation and knowledge and publishes a constant blog series on user experience and gamification topics. The company is a member and sponsor of German UPA, the German association of usability professionals. Centigrade also has received several awards for its work, including the prestigious iF communication design award and the Red Dot Award.

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