The DDP Syllabus

The syllabus reflects the core idea behind the Digital Design Manifesto: Digital Design means shaping digital solutions by taking a holistic view on the technical possibilities of digital material, on the economic aspects and on the current or future needs of people. The syllabus covers the following six essential educational units to create a three-day training course.



    • The Digital Design profession
    • The Digital Design competencies

    • Understanding digital material
    • fundamental digital technologies

    • Fundamentals of the building process
    • Structuring the building process in DD
    • Frameworks for the building process in DD

    • Fundamentals of design work
    • Design work at the solution level
    • Design work at the system level
    • Design work at the element level
    • Holistic design work in the building process

    • The social dimension of the building process
    • Key aspects for a design mindset

I’m a Full-Service Mobile Developer and Digital Design Professional

Focus on

Material Technologies

I like the detailed explanation in the DDP education of the interaction between design and other activities in the development process.

As a freelancer in a digital marketing agency, I work mainly for small business customers and am responsible not only for the development but also, together with the customer, for app design. The DDP certificate has not, of course, turned me into a designer, but I do understand the specialist tasks in design much better now. I feel more able to involve fellow design freelancers in my projects, and in a more targeted way.


I’m an AR Lead Designer and Digital Design Professional

Focus on

Augmented Reality

I like the consistency of the DDP education, from initial idea through to implementation.

The understanding of prototypes in a broad sense - from paper prototypes, through mockups and onto implemented designs - has given me a new toolset. Today, I already build early prototypes with our developers for AR surfaces during the concept phase. This helps me to make my designs more tangible for our customers.


I’m a Physician and Digital Design Professional

Focus on

Medical Research Institution

For me the DDP is the perfect introduction to the development process for digital solutions.

Just by chance during my medical studies I already took a course in Data Science, and gained some knowledge of AI programming. Now I am doing research with some colleagues on the potential of AI for diagnosing diseases. In our research we often work together with software developers. Through the DDP I have understood how complex the process of creating good digital solutions is. Now I understand my colleagues much better and our collaboration has also reached a new level.


I’m a Startup Coach and Digital Design Professional

Focus on

Green Business Development

I like the 10 principles of good Digital Design, especially the principle of sustainability.

My background is in Economics. The start-ups that approach us usually have a technical background and want to launch green technology to market. Through the DDP I have learned about the relationships between idea, technical implementation and profitability and am better able to identify specific opportunities - and also gaps - in the digital business ideas of our start-up partners.


I’m a Chief Digital Officer and Digital Design Professional

Focus on

Innovation Management

I like the philosophy of collaboration. Digital solutions are often so complex and the right people have to be involved in the team.

Good ideas are wasted if they cannot be elaborated and presented in a rigorous manner. The DDP provides my employees with various tools that they, together with colleagues from the technical department, can use to shape, and then evaluate, the company's ideas. Future needs from the user perspective also drive new thinking and innovation.

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