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A new profession that responds to the demands of digitalization

Digitalization and digital transformation are changing the way we do business, and even society as a whole. Digital transformation and industry 4.0 raise complex questions, which in addition to technical expertise and organizational capabilities will require solid design skills to respond to.

Just as building architects and industrial designers have established themselves as independent design professions, a dedicated profession regarding Digital Design is needed, that enables professionals to build successful digital solutions.

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In close cooperation with recognized experts from IT, product design and industrial design and based on the Digital Design Manifesto by Bitkom, IREB has established a new certification program to become a Digital Design Professional.

The Digital Design Professional (DDP) Educational Scheme

Content of the DDP education

The education conveys the ability to create holistic digital solution concepts. The elementary approach is to comprehend the digital as shapeable material.

Learning units on digital material are supplemented by units on design competence and cross-cutting competences (digital business models, human factors, people management). Accompanying methods and techniques are incorporated.

Benefits from the DDP certification

The DDP is a sought-after expert when it comes to developing innovative digital solutions.
In the future, these experts will take up key positions in companies.

Their holistic view of the most diverse development aspects regarding digitalization and digital transformation empowers them to tap the full potential of digital technology.

IREB talks about: Digital Design Professional - three steps to your digital solution

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Since the invention of the iPhone, the world has rapidly accelerated towards a more digital future. While we once focused primarily on seeking solutions for unsatisfied needs, increasingly we now shift our focus towards creating digital solutions for emerging needs. Whether our ideas will become as successful as Airbnb, Netflix, and others, depends largely on our ability to design forward-looking and innovative digital solutions that have the potential to change the world.

In this webinar, we explore the main drivers and building process for designing innovative digital solutions using three essential steps: scoping, conception and realization/operation. Each step will be illustrated using real examples to demonstrate the different tasks, work products, challenges and opportunities that will drive your design and development activities.

When you attend this webinar, you will:

  • learn how to apply proven concepts from industrial design to your digital product design
  • learn how the distinction between solution perspective and system perspective helps to more accurately describe your digital solution.
  • learn the three essential process steps and the work products necessary to develop a digital solution.

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BitZip #13 The Digital Design Professional – Behind the Scenes (German)

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Digitization and digital transformation are changing our lives, our society and many existing job profiles with every new digital solution. But which profession takes responsibility for designing these solutions and who has the necessary skills?

The Bitkom Working Group Digital Design has therefore for a long time been engaged in the development of the profession of the digital designer, who has both design competence and competence in digital material to be able to design digital solutions. IREB e.V. has taken up the idea of the Digital Designer and is currently developing an education scheme for digital design, the Digital Design Professional.

In a relaxed round of talks we would like to look behind the scenes of this project and give some insights into the motivation and experiences of the companions. And, of course, we would like to give an outlook on the contents of the certification, that will be released by the end on 2020.

This talk was given in German

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Interview about Digital Design in SQ Magazin

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By: Stan Bühne

Read our interview in SQ Magazine:
"Digital" is not just an adjective. Understanding problems and finding the right solutions.
Interview is only available in German

Lesen Sie unser Interview im SQ Magazin:
"Digital" ist nicht nur ein Adjektiv. Probleme verstehen und die passenden Lösungen finden.

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IREB talks about: The Digital Design Professional for Today’s Digital Ecosystem

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By: Stan Bühne

Today’s innovative digital solutions are driven by technology and disruptive business models. To design a digital solution, you need to consider hardware, software, the physical environment, and the desired business model as well as the people that will use the system. Look for example at a Smart Home solution where light, heating, doors, windows, cameras or smoke and water detectors can be controlled from anywhere (at home or abroad) by different devices like a smart watch, smart phones, or voice-controlled devices like Echo Dot, Google Home or HomePod.

As a Digital Design Professional, you need to know and to understand the capabilities and limits of the available technology, in order to build the best possible digital solution that solves existing problems and meets the needs of the intended users. In short: The Digital Design Professional needs to understand the problem and solution space to create the best solution.

The idea of digital design is to understand “digital” as a material to shape digital solutions, like the way a carpenter understands wood as their material to build solutions. We will show that this understanding significantly improves our ability to design a digital solution.

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IREB talks about: Digital Design – Thinking beyond Requirements Engineering

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By: Stan Bühne

The possibilities of digital technology enable innovative services and all-new business models and thus lead to comprehensive and disruptive changes in the economy and society. Digital transformation is an umbrella term for this development.

Previously, analytical skills were particularly important in order to understand existing systems, companies and business processes. This understanding was the prerequisite to support and improve them with the help of digital technologies. Digital transformation is different because there is no reference point for analysis. The growing popularity of Design Thinking is the first sign of this development.
Due to the increasing technical possibilities (e.g. artificial intelligence, blockchain….) we have to complement our analysis focus with a design focus. New roles and methods are far from sufficient to meet these challenges. We need an entirely new profession: The Digital Design Professional.

Only in this way can Requirements Engineering and Business Analysis become an industry that is positioned to proactively design innovative digital solutions together with our stakeholders and under consideration of the new technical possibilities.

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Digital Design Professional - three steps to your digital solution (German)

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2020-11-24, 10:00 ‑ 11:00 CEST

Since the invention of the iPhone, the world has been moving more and more into a digital world that no longer seeks solutions to unsatisfied needs only, but creates solutions for emerging needs. Whether these digital solutions will all become as successful as Airbnb, Netflix and Co. depends not least on the design of the digital solution.

In this webinar we focus on the building process of digital solutions. For this purpose we give an overview of the three essential process steps to build a digital solution. Furthermore, we will use an example to describe which concepts are created in the respective process steps in order to give an impulse for your design and development activities.
In this webinar

  • You learn the difference between designing a physical product and a digital solution
    You learn how the distinction between solution and system perspective helps to describe your digital solution.
  • You learn about the three essential process steps and the concepts to be created there for the development of a digital solution.

This webinar is given in German

Bitkom Webinar

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David Gilbert – DB Systel

The Digital Design Professional finally closes the gap that in practice has existed for far too long between requirements-driven and user-centered design. This is essential to master the Digital Transformation.

David Gilbert – DB Systel
Nicolas Olberg – MaibornWolff GmbH

As digital design professionals we are jugglers between business, technology and design. Understanding all sides and keeping them in balance gives us the chance to create valuable digital products that inspire and encourage change.

Nicolas Olberg – MaibornWolff GmbH
Marc Riedinger – Digital Designer bei Accso | vitamin.d

There is a strong need to harmonize ever contradicting areas of digital product development: designing solutions that are economically viable, meeting actual needs of humans beings, while making the most out of technological potentials. The Digital Design Professional may eventually achieve that.

Marc Riedinger – Digital Designer bei Accso | vitamin.d

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