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The Need for a Dedicated Profession

Digitalization is changing the way we do business, and even society as a whole. Digital transformation and industry 4.0 raise complex questions, which in addition to technical expertise and organizational capabilities will require solid design skills to respond to. In the same way that architects and industrial designers have established themselves as independent design professions, a dedicated digital design profession is needed. To sharpen the profile of this new profession the Digital Design Manifesto has been drawn up by Bitkom e.V., Germany’s digital association. Inspired by IREB members, who were part of this initiative, IREB has recognized the necessity to develop an educational scheme for this new profession, the Digital Design Professional.

Closing the Gap with the Digital Design Professional

The Digital Design Professional combines the demand for good design with the necessity for technical expertise. The approach is to understand digital transformation as a material that can be explored and designed, using the full potential of available technologies. In order to strengthen and promote the new profession IREB will provide the Certified Digital Design Professional education scheme in 2019 and present it on this website. If you want to stay informed about the Digital Design topic and be part of this exciting endeavour please subscribe to the mailing list.


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The Digital Design Manifesto

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The Digital Design Professional

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